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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ohz the dramah

WoW our server has turned into a bad episode of Jerry Springer. Noone can post on the forum without being trolled and we have quietly backed away from guild drama. I know everyone had a right to do whatever, ok mostly anything, they want with their 15 bucks a month but FFS don't try to makes others game experience a nightmare just because you want to have hissy fits. Bad trolls, no cookie!

In other news, we have both went out and tamed Wind Serpents to play around with. Grumble tamed one from Netherstorm and I tamed one from ZG. I cant stand the models for the BC WS and if I do decide a Wind Serpent is worth taking up my 3rd stable slot I want it to be something I like. I tried the trick of laying down a trap and running up to the second level to tame it but I kept getting one of the red ones trapped. When I would place the traps where they do in the videos they would disappear before I got to the second level (got to far away?) so I had to place them about the same angle on the opposite side of the ledge on top. Instead Grumble sent his pet on one and we trapped the other 2, took out both of the red ones and I tamed the Soul Flayer. They seem to do some nice damage and with Lightning Breath added to our Steady Shots they are holding argo pretty well. Grumble has gotten his to lvl 70 and 2 loyalty and mine is sitting at lvl 62 with 3 loyalty atm.

We have decided to dust off our PvP realm hunters. Mine is a 41 Belf and his is a 17 Tauren. The guild we are in on there could use some good hunters and experienced people for Kara and Gruuls. Grumble loves the PvP but it all depends on if I can get the Dwarf Blood out of him.

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