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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deathcharger's Reins

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Deathcharger's Reins
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 60
Requires Riding (150)
Use: Summons and dismisses Baron Rivendare's steed. This is a very fast mount.
Cooldown: 3 sec
3 sec cast
Item Level 60

Dropped by Baron Rivendare in Stratholme.

This can be soloed or easily duoed/trioed by some lvl 70s. Go into the service door. Once you open the first locked gate a 45 min timer will appear but dont worry about that unless someone in your group happens to have the quest to save the girl. You have to kill all 3 boss mobs AND the guys inside to open the gate to the Barons area.

Below is a map of the dead side. Blue lines are locked doors you need the Key to the City. Red dots are the Mini-bosses. Purple dot is a trap. Green line is the Barons gate.

The first boss is Baroness Anastari. She is a banshee and does do mind control. If you have enough DPS you can kill her without being mind controlled. If a party member is mind controlled they will grow in size and do double damage. Start killing your party member and when they are about 1/3 life they will snap out if it and go back to the health they were before being mind controled. Continue to kill the Baroness. Once she is dead kill the 5 mobs inside and you will see a /yell message that it has been destroyed.

Next is Maleki the Pallid. He has 3 mobs in front of him which can be pulled away from him by lvl 70s. This guy is easy. Kill guys inside and you'll get another /yell.

When you get up to the trap wait for all party members and go in together. A whole bunch of bugs will spawn which arent too bad but are annoying. Hunter traps won't work but other forms of AoE will. It has about a 5 min reset timer on it.

The last boss is Nerub'enkan. He is one of the crypt fiends. With the other bosses you can fight them without bothering with the side mobs but with this one you will want to kill the ones closest to you first. This guy summons little bugs that attack you but overall isnt that bad of a fight. After you kill the guys inside you will get 2 yells. The second will say something along the lines of the defenses are down. If you dont see this then you need to go back and make sure you did kill all the mobs inside these buildings.

Once you get to the Barons Gate (the green line) eat and drink and let everyone get inside the first gate. Once you start attacking the first gate will close and the abominations will start walking to the tunnel. Kill em all and dont let any get through the tunnel. There is a known bug with this area where 1 or more of the abominations decides to poof and the rest of the event wont trigger. You have to wait, anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes, for the missing abominations to reappear. GMs know about this and it has been happening for a long time. We have tried everything from chain killing, not being out of combat for more than 30 seconds, killing all at tunnel, and killing at their spawn points and we have experienced this bug no matter what we do.

When all of them die lots and lots of ghouls will spawn from the tunnel on the left to the dead end. AoE them down and you can use Stratholme Holy Water on em. When they die Ramstein will come out of the Barons doors. He is just a tank and spank but does hit hard. Eat and drink up. You should have a short period and 5 guards will walk out of the Barons doors. Again, it is an easy tank and spank. Once they have died you can go in and kill the Baron.

Don't try to sneak through the Barons doors when they are open when Ramstein comes out because you will be stuck in there with both doors locked. Then the guards will spawn and the ghouls. When you die you will have all those mobs in the courtyard to deal with. Not only do all the mobs in the courtyard attack you when you pull one but also all the mobs behind you for as far as you can see and then some.

The mount is about a 1% drop rate.

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